Chelsea star Marcos Alonso explains reason he refuses to take a knee before matches

Marcos Alonso insists he will make his own protests against racism and discrimination in football in his own way. Chelsea’s Spanish defender has been refusing since the start of this season to take the knee like most other players in English football, instead preferring to stand and point to the Kick Racism Out Of Football badge worn on his shirt.

Players have been taking the knee in protest against racism and injustice since the start of last season – but some teams, including Middlesbrough, Derby, Millwall and QPR – who stand arm in arm, and Brentford, have dropped it.

Crystal Palace star Wilfried Zaha has also stopped making the gesture, saying there should be better education, and that social media companies should be taking stronger action against online abuse.

But Alonso said: “I am fully against racism and against every type of discrimination. I just prefer to put my finger to the badge where it says no to racism, like they do in some other sports and football in other countries.

“I prefer to do it this way and, to say very clearly that I am against racism and I respect everybody.

“It’s my way to do it. It’s another way.

“Maybe it’s losing a bit of strength the other way.

“I just prefer to do it this way and to show I am fully supportive of fighting against racism.”

Alonso added that he has not discussed the issue with his Chelsea teammates, saying: “We are in the changing room and we are like a family.

“I have a very good relationship with everyone, I love everyone. I don’t think there is a need to talk about it – but if I have to speak to anyone, I will say the same. I don’t think there will be any problems.

“For now I prefer to point to the sleeve, and that’s what I will do.”

Alonso’s unbeaten side, thanks partially to a superb performance from the wingback, who set up the opening goal, won 3-0 at Spurs on Sunday with a dominating performance to go level top of the Premier League.

Spurs fans singled out Alonso, 30, who has scored several key goals against them, and booed him on Sunday – but the former Real Madrid star says he welcomes getting stick: “I love it!

“To be booed when you play away, it’s music to my ears! It might be because I have scored a few goals against them. Maybe they have these memories.

“I love it and even more when we get the three points. During the game, they were more and more quiet, and we were playing better and better.”

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