‘Chilling’ Sturgeon waiting for older Unionists to die in Indyref bid-‘Time is on my side’

“I can’t look ahead and tell you exactly how this constitutional impasse is going to resolve itself, but it will resolve itself — and it will resolve itself on the side of democracy because actually, the alternative is pretty unthinkable,” she told FT.

“I’ve got democracy on my side . . . if they think it’s about playing a waiting game, I’ve probably got time on my side as well.

“You look at the demographics of the support for independence – well, I’m not sure that’s going to get you out of this conundrum.”

Following this statement, voices from several parties expressed their outrage as they considered Sturgeon’s words “appalling” and “chilling.”

Susan Dalgety, a former special adviser to Labour First Minister Jack McConnell, tweeted that Ms Sturgeon had shown a “chilling lack of empathy from a leader”.

“Nicola Sturgeon there retweeting the line that she has time on her side, that ‘demographics’ are in her favour.

“So she’s happy to imply her strategy is to wait for older folk (majority against leaving the UK) to die,” she wrote.

Tory MSP Donald Cameron said: “These appalling comments are chilling.

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Polls consistently show support for independence is strongest among the young – 60 percent among decided under-35s in one recent poll, and weakest among the elderly.

However, Labour MP and Shadow Scottish Secretary Ian Murray disagrees with that theory.

“The reality is Scotland just isn’t buying what they’re selling,” he said.

“No demographic changes will fix the fact that they have no answers to the big questions.”

“These crass comments from Nicola Sturgeon reek of desperation and show she’s nothing to offer.

“The fact that this is the SNP’s plan tells you all you need to know about how well their separatist drive going.

“Meanwhile, we have no answers to even the most basic questions on currency, borders, and pensions.”

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