Christian Horner on Red Bull's 'beautiful headache' with Max Verstappen at Mexico GP

Red Bull boss Christian Horner says he aims to do the best he can with both drivers at the Mexican Grand Prix, as one of them fights for a world championship title, and the other takes part in his home Grand Prix, in front of adoring fans.

Max Verstappen is currently embroiled in an intense battle with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, with 12 points separating the pair with five races remaining.

Sergio Perez meanwhile has been met with thousands of home fans cheering on the Mexican driver, who currently sits fourth in the driver standings for Red Bull.

However, there have been some questions as to if Red Bull may step in with team orders if Verstappen takes pole, with Perez in second.

But Horner remained firmly on the fence as to what they may do come race day on Sunday.

“I suppose we’re going to get in that position, so it’d be a beautiful headache to have,” Horner told F1.

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