Claudia Winkleman warns Tess Daly ahead of first Strictly elimination 'You're on your own’

Strictly Come Dancing host Claudia Winkleman is due to present the BBC dance competition alongside Tess Daly on Saturday night as the celebrity contestants take to the dance floor once again. However, Claudia has warned Tess she may not make it to the recording of the show as there’s somewhere else she wants to be.

Claudia sent her BBC Radio 2 listeners into a frenzy on Saturday morning as she found herself being a matchmaker.

The presenter chatted to listener Johnny on her radio show and set him up on a lunch date with one of her colleagues.

She explained on the programme that her traffic reporter Sally had previously expressed an interest in Johnny.

Claudia took matters into her own hands and organised a date for the pair of singletons.

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However, she soon became far too invested in the potential relationship between Johnny and Sally.

The presenter confessed she wanted to see what would happen on the date, but revealed it may clash with her work on Strictly Come Dancing.

Claudia jokingly told her listeners: “I might not go to Strictly. I might get a table next door.”

Sending a warning to her Strictly Come Dancing co-host, she said: “Tess, if you’re listening you’re on your own.

Staying positive about the upcoming date, Sally added: “You know, if nothing else I’ll just have a nice conversation with a lovely man.”

“You’ll have a nice conversation,” Claudia said in agreement.

“I’m happy if I come in next Saturday and you and Johnny are still at lunch, you’re having your eighth bowl of pasta, you’re on your second bottle of red,” she laughed.

However, despite her jokes on the radio, Claudia will be hosting Strictly Come Dancing alongside Tess tonight.

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