Confused dachshund can’t work out why his reflection won’t play with him

The pup, known as ‘Zero the Doxie’ sits patiently at the switched-off fireplace gazing into the black glass where he can see ‘another’ dachshund in the reflection, hoping he’ll join in with some zoomies, the Mirror reports. In the TikTok video watched over 14,500 times, Zero cries before taking a shuffle back to coax the twin out for a game of fetch. His owner, Erin Renee, asked their 31,900 followers if anyone else’s dog has an imaginary friend, and viewers have been encouraging her to get a second sausage dog.

In another viral video, one sausage dog owner built his three dachshunds their own living room, complete with a TV, bar cart and sofas. 

Doxies Peaches, Mitza and Challah can often be found relaxing in the custom designed lounge, which has paintings and prints hung at weiner dog height, alongside modern lamps and rugs.

Viewers commented on how beautiful the mini apartment was – and that it was nicer than their own rooms.

One said: “The moment you realise that these dogs have a nicer living room than you do.”

Now, people are even suggesting additions to the room, from fish tanks to Christmas trees.

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