'Corbyn nearly obliterated us!' Starmer unleashes fury as baying Labour mob taunts leader

Addressing the conference hall in Brighton, the Labour leader accused Jeremy Corbyn of nearly “obliterating” the party as he set out his vision for Britain.

He said: “This is our first full conference since the 2019 General Election in which we suffered our worst defeat since 1935.

“To our devoted activists and loyal voters I want to say loud and clear. You saved this party from obliteration and we will never forget it. Thank you.”

The speech is the first one he has delivered to a Labour Party conference as leader in person.

Last year’s conference had to be held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He has sought to draw a line under the years of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the party as he focuses on rebuilding the trust of voters.

Sir Keir prioritised changing internal party rules during the five day meet in Brighton, claiming the current constitution meant the party was too inward-looking.

He believes the changes, which make it easier for sitting MPs to be reselected to fight in their constituencies, will mean Labour politicians can go into the next election focused on the campaign, rather than worried about being ousted by their own activists.

With the prospect of Boris Johnson calling an election in 2023 rather than waiting until 2024, Sir Keir wanted to get the changes out of the way so the next conference can focus on the fight ahead.

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