Corbyn to lead anti-Boris protest in Manchester just minutes away from Tory conference

The former Labour leader is taking part in a demonstration organised by The People’s Assembly. Titled “United Against the Tories”, Left-wing protesters will gather to attack the Prime Minister’s record in Government.

He will address a crowd of activist radicals tomorrow evening at Piccadilly Gardens half a mile away from where the Conservative party conference is taking place.

The People’s Assembly is running a rally against the Government every day of the annual Tory gathering.

It says the demonstration “will cover issues including Kill the Bill, racism, climate change, nuclear weapons, education, ending fire and rehire and of course our NHS”.

The group also pledges to hold “a beautiful candlelit vigil to mark the many needless deaths due to COVID-19 and dreadful Tory policy”.


Mr Corbyn also took part in a number of events critical of his own party in Brighton last week.

As Labour MPs gathered by the seaside for Sir Keir Starmer’s first in-person party conference, the Islington North MP stuck mainly to the sidelines.

While addressing a few fringe events at the Labour conference, Mr Corbyn spent the majority of his time taking part in a Momentum rally alongside the official meet.

“The World Transformed” festival was not officially associated with the Labour conference but ran alongside it.

In one awkward encounter at the Momentum ran protest rally last week, the former Labour leader was heckled by his own brother.

During a panel discussion on climate change, conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn disrupted proceedings and was threatened with being removed.

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Piers Corbyn and another man stood up to try and ask a question but the moderator asked for contributions from women and people of colour only, sparking a disagreement.

He has long been critical of climate change theory and claimed global warming does not exist.

Jeremy Corbyn’s wife, Laura Alvez, was sat next to Piers throughout his rant.

The climate-change sceptic was wearing a “Resist! Defy!” T-shirt.

Jeremy Corbyn watched on quietly throughout the dispute.

Piers was allowed to remain at the event after he eventually sat back down.

The life-long protester is also expected to be in Manchester for the Tory party conference.

As well as demonstrating against climate change, he has also gained prominence in recent months for his anti-vax views.

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