Coronation Street changed forever as family rocked by secret on Christmas Day?

“So it’s got more of that Coronation Street community on the cobbles type feeling than some of the previous Christmases had certainly last Christmas, Iain continued.

“We were shooting it in the midst of the strictest of restrictions. So we couldn’t really do that. But this year it’s very jolly and very community-focused, very family-focused.”

Although it might be full of high spirits, the special episode could contain a moment where Jenny decides to talk to Daisy about her past.

The two women have had a strained relationship since Johnny died but with the “family-focused” ethos weaving throughout the festive instalment, the landlady could explain to her stepdaughter why she has been so cold towards her.

This is because the iconic character might be still married, not to Johnny, but to her former lover and Daisy’s father, Mr Midgeley.

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