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'Could change whole war' Luhansk chief slams military delays as Russia ready to 'destroy'

World'Could change whole war' Luhansk chief slams military delays as Russia ready to 'destroy'

Serhiy Haidai slammed delays in transporting military equipment to the front line as he fears his city cannot stand against Russian forces much longer. The Governor of Luhansk criticised the delays surrounding the plentiful military weapons promised by Ukraine’s international allies. His city of Luhansk in Eastern Ukraine remains under intense Russian invasion as Putin’s forces relentlessly attack the Donbas region.

Speaking to CNN, the Ukrainian Governor said: “We need powerful long-range artillery and that, unfortunately, is not here yet

“It could completely change the whole war.”

He condemned the vicious attacks of Putin’s military: “The Russians will destroy everything with artillery and mortars.

“They destroy with aircraft, they use helicopters, they’re just wiping everything off the face of the earth.”

The Luhansk Governor explained his military forces had persisted in their defence of the region against Russian invaders.

However, Haidai expressed clear concern that his forces were struggling for military supplies and would not be able to sustain their position.

International allies including the UK, the US, and NATO have promised extensive military resources to the Ukrainian defence.

Despite the pledges already made, Haidai detailed his fears that the essential equipment may not arrive in time to protect his city.

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The UK has pledged generous military supplies to Ukraine as part of its defence strategy.

In an address to Ukrainian Parliament in Kyiv, Boris Johnson announced: “A new package of support totalling £300 million, including radars to pinpoint the artillery bombarding your cities, heavy-lift drones to supply your forces, and thousands of night vision devices.

“We will carry on supplying Ukraine, alongside your other friends, with weapons, funding, and humanitarian aid.”

He continued: “We in the UK will do everything we can to restore a free sovereign and independent Ukraine.”

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