Countryfile fans distracted by Matt Taylor appearance in weather report: ‘Why the need?'

They added, however: “(Sadly you forgot to roll up your sleeves ready to muck out the presenters). Never the less, you have done a sterling job and deserve a pay rise!…”

@lushattic also joked: “The lovely little Matt taylor going for the trad check shirt and jeans top button undone. Loses points for not rolling up the sleeves. 8/10.”

Others praised the BBC presenter, with Alex Davenport weighing in: “Wow! That’s a checked shirt and a half! He certainly got the memo this week!!! #countryfile.”

“Look at that shirt, its glorious!  Looks so cosy, I could just climb in there with him [laugh emoji] #countryfile,” joked @MaisyMooCow. (sic)

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