Cressida Dick resign probe sees top Tory blast Met Commissioner 'Very serious questions'

Conservative Party co-chair Oliver Dowden has refused to fully backMetropolitan police commissioner Cressida Dick during a grilling by Trevor Phillips on Sky News. Mr Dowden was asked whether it was right that Commissioner Dick remained in office amid the fallout from the trial of killer cop Wayne Couzens for the murder of Sarah Everard. Mr Dowden said he and the Home Secretary were “very worried” amid the concerns raised regarding the Met Commissioner.

Sky News presenter Trevor Phillips probed: “This happened on Cressida Dick’s watch.

“The procedures that allowed him to become a Met police officer and the culture, as far as we can tell, appeared to turn a blind eye either developed or continued under her aegis.

“Is she really the right person?”

Mr Dowden replied: “You are absolutely right to highlight all of those concerns, and I am very worried about them as well, as is the Home Secretary.”


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