Cristiano Ronaldo 'might be housebound' after driver queues seven hours amid fuel crisis

He said: “Seriously, he’s [Ronaldo’s] so good in front of goal. He has an impact on everyone – the crowd, the players, the whole club. He’s done that so many times.

“You saw him against Ireland a month ago, and he missed a penalty early, didn’t touch the ball much but scores two great headers in the last two minutes. That is just what he has done throughout his career.

“He is so strong mentally. He just stays in the game. I have seen him all day today; the way he has built himself up for this game, how focused he has been and, when he gets that one chance, it is a goal.

“He had a couple of half-decent headers in the first half that could have ended with chances but the true mark of a very, very good finisher is that he keeps calm when the chance arrives.”

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