Crown Princess of Sweden marks first day of Breast Cancer Awareness month

As October 1 rolled around, so did Breast Cancer Awareness month, marking the month dedicated to raising awareness to the illness. The Crown Princess of Sweden, 44, has been a vocal supporter of the cause for the past 13 years with the Royal House sharing a picture of her to mark the first day of the month.

The Heir to the Throne released the annual photo on Friday.

However, a week prior the Crown Princess welcomed the Secretary General of the Cancer Foundation Ulrika Årehed Kågström and the Chairman of the Cancer Foundation’s Research Committee Klas Kärre to the Royal Palace in preparation for the start of the campaign.

In Sweden, this year’s pink ribbon was designed by fashion and costume designer Selam Fessahaye.

In Belgium, however, the 2021 ribbon was designed by a Belgian royal – Princess Delphine, King Philippe’s half-sister.

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While the cancer is the most commonly found cancer in women, thanks to modern research around 87 percent of cases live more than ten years.

Annual Breast Cancer month has used the pink ribbon since 2003 and aims to increase awareness of the disease as well as raise funds for cancer research.

While many royals and celebrities participate, some landmarks were painted pink to mark the beginning of the month.

On October 1 the Eiffel Tower in Paris was illuminated in pink for the start of the month.


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