Daniel Craig lays bare Queen's take on his James Bond in hilarious quip – 'She nailed me'

Taking his bow as the official James Bond in the latest “No Time To Die” movie, actor Daniel Craig enjoyed the premiere with four high profile royals: Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton. Craig is used to spending time with royals including the Queen herself on several occasions that he labelled “surreal.”

In an interview with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM radio show on Tuesday, the actor shared a funny memory he has with Queen Elizabeth when meeting in 2012 to shoot a clip for the London Olympics.

After assuring that he did not kiss the Queen for the purposes of the Opening Ceremony stunt, Mr Craig was asked whether the monarch, 86 at the time, knew of his “oeuvre” as an actor before filming the sketch.

“Oh yeah,” he answered.

“She said: ‘You’re the one that does not smile.’”

“She nailed me.”

In fact, the Queen was there on Craig’s first-ever James Bond movie premiere back in 2005.

He sat with HRH to watch Casino Royale, “as you do”, he joked.

Craig said: “It was surreal anyway sitting next to the queen.”

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“Danny’s giving her notes, ‘Your Majesty, could you possibly…’, and she’s improvising a bit.

“She was great. Calmer than me.

“My hearts going ‘dum dum dum dum.’

“I’m thinking: ‘Ok, keep it together, keep it together.’

“And there’s literally corgis tripping you up, there’s like five corgis.

“If you put it in The Crown, you’d think it was rubbish, they would be like ‘Nah, it’s not real.’

“Footmen with corgis, you know.

“I was rolling around on the floor with the corgis at one point in the Palace.”

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