Dexit next! 'Weakened' Germany and Emmanuel Macron 'could push Denmark out EU door'

The UK’s Time Party, which seeks greater devolution within the nation, has hit out at current designs by the French president and how they could lead to a break-up of the EU. Chairman Robert Kimbell wrote on Twitter: “Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy. All are candidates for EU exit.

“Only Poland, Hungary, Sweden and Denmark have held onto their own national currencies.

“With a weakened Germany and EU-federalisation-fanatic Macron pressing, I could envisage Denmark leaving.”

Ms Merkel is poised to step down after 16 years in power.

After her departure, commentators believe Mr Macron will be central to eurozone reform.

It is thought he will make moves to bolster a pan-EU democracy and significant steps forward on common foreign policy and defence.

These steps are unsettling nations such as Denmark, it is suggested.

This has led to a growth in political candidates calling for a Danish exit from the EU – or Dexit.

The French president is seeking to drive forward a military integration that could lead to a pan-European army.

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The news comes after Denmark protested the EU’s move to side with France in the diplomatic spat over its failed submarine contract with Australia.

Danish prime minister Mette Frederiksen said: “I think it’s important to say, given the talks going on in Europe right now that I see Biden as very loyal to the transatlantic alliance.

“And in general, we should not turn concrete challenges, which will always exist between allies, into something they should not be.

“I would very much warn against this.”

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