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'Disgrace': Driver branded 'entitled t**t' after parking over two parent and child bays

Life & Style'Disgrace': Driver branded 'entitled t**t' after parking over two parent and child bays

A picture has been circulating on social media showing a grey Ford Focus parked across two parent and child parking bays. The image was taken inside the multi-storey car park near Asda in Wythenshawe, near Manchester on Saturday at around 10am.

Tom, a 43-year-old father, took a picture of the grey vehicle and shared it on Facebook.

He captioned the post: “No comment”.

He slammed the driver, saying their actions were “selfish”.

The father-of-two said: “It didn’t really bother me as the car park was empty, but it’s just to show how selfish some people are,” he told Manchester Evening News.

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A third commenter added: “They should have been issued with a ticket. Make them think before they do it next time.”

The larger parking bays allow parents to get a child out of a car seat and into a pram or pushchair, ensuring they have enough space to do so.

The bays are often closer to the store entrance so parents don’t have to walk or carry their child through a busy car park.

But, because of others misusing these bays, one in four parents have had to do just that.

More than a fifth of Britons said they saw a car speeding past them after having to park in a regular space, putting their child at risk.

Rules vary between shops, but the general rule is that someone can only park in a parent and child bay if they are visiting the shop with a child that is under 12 years of age or in a car seat.

If there is any signage that says otherwise, drivers are advised to stick with those guidelines.

If a child is not going to leave the car, motorists are recommended to think whether they really need to use the space.

Almost one third of motorists said that they had misused parent and child parking bays because it was late at night and there wasn’t anyone around.

According to Confused, a quarter of road users said that it was because they were only using the bay for a few minutes.

There are no official Government or council-level rules on parent and child parking in the same way as there is for disabled parking spaces.

Parking in a supermarket car park is managed and enforced by the supermarket itself, or by a private parking management company.

That means it’s not illegal to park in a parent and child space without a child.

But they could get a Parking Charge Notice (PCN), the same as they would if they overstayed in a car park.

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