'Disgrace!' Rayner slammed for criticising abuse of MPs while calling Tories 'racist scum'

Labour Party’s deputy leader Angela Rayner has come under attack after she refused to apologise for calling Tories “homophobic, racist and misogynistic scum”. Speaking to Trevor Philips on Sky News this morning, the senior Labour leader defended her use of language. Viewers on social media reacted to the claims by pointing out that Ms Rayner also criticised the abuse of MPs in the same interview.

Susan Hall, Leader of GLA Conservatives, tweeted: “Angela Rayner on #sky saying all forms of abuse should stop.

“What were her quotes from yesterday? Who did she call scum…. Unbelievable, she is a disgrace.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps called on Ms Rayner to apologise immediately.

He told Sky News, following her interview: “I just think it is absolutely appalling.”

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Mr Shapps added: “There is no place in public life for that kind of language and behaviour.”

“I think she said in 2019 she wanted to see a kinder politics. She should just apologise rather than talk around the point.”

Ali L tweeted: “Labour MP’s, like Rayner, are exactly why the party remain unelectable.”

In her furious outburst, the Labour deputy leader said: “I’m sick of shouting from the sidelines, and I bet you lot are too.

She continued: “I’m not saying that anyone who voted for Conservatives are racist, scummy and homophobic.

“I’m saying the prime minister has said those things and has acted in that way.

“If the prime minister wants to apologise, and remove himself from those comments that he’s made that are homophobic that racist, that are misogynistic, then I will apologise for calling him scummy.”

Helen M responded: “As a northerner, I can categorically state the majority of northerners do not use that word – word soup from Rayner when she changed ‘scum’ to ‘scummy’.”

@Celticfueloils tweeted: “@Keir_Starmer do you really think it is acceptable for Rayner to refer to the Tories as Scum? She is a disgrace to the party and must be removed.”

@simongerrard18 said: “I think Rayner is a Tory plant into the Labour Party, put there to make sure that Labour never see power ever again. She’s doing a great job.”

Jennie Powell added: “Angela Rayner showing her complete lack of respect and class with her potty mouth yet again..total embarrassment..!!”

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