'Disturbed' Brian Cox admits on terrifying reality 'Black holes are end of time!'

Professor Brian Cox has put forward a disturbing theory on Lorraine telling the ITV host the black holes in space represent the “end of time.” The space expert added that sci-fi theories that black holes can be used to travel across spacetime into alternative universes might actually be a reality. Professor Cox concluded that black holes are “mind-bending” things as he shared in knowledge with Lorraine.

Professor Cox told Lorraine: “One photo of a black hole and it’s really fuzzy although when people say it’s fuzzy, I say it’s 55 million light-years away…

“So you’ve got to use what we know about those things.

“And then weird things.

“I mean, if you think that the story of the stars is disturbing black holes are the end of time in space.

“So when you look at a black hole was one of the centre of our galaxy. You look at it, you’ve seen the end of time, and even saying that is…”

Lorraine added: “I know, it’s so beloved of sci-fi writers, isn’t it and we see it in sci-fi movies black holes are used as a device to get from one galaxy to another.

“Other alternative universes and all that.”

Professor Cox replied: “They might be able to do. 

However other researchers have stressed the origins of colossal black holes are far from being solved.

Michael Zevin, co-author and NASA Hubble Fellow, said: “Many aspects of merging black holes are not known in detail, such as the dominant formation environments and the intricate physical processes that persist throughout their lives.

“While we used a simulated stellar population that reflects the data we currently have, there’s a lot of wiggle room.

“We can see that cosmological coupling is a useful idea, but we can’t yet measure the strength of this coupling.”

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