'Disturbing the wildlife!' This Morning sparks uproar as Holly and Phillip host in forest

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were presenting the ITV show This Morning from a forest which had been purchased recently by the team, in an attempt to reap the benefits of nature. The paid discussed the importance of green spaces on mental health, but those watching at home weren’t impressed by the decision. The show has seen a backlash of people claiming the studio would be bad for the natural area and disruption to the animals and insects there.

“That was a green forest until they built that set on it #ThisMorning,” Fer on Twitter commented.

Trish agreed with the argument, posting: “Have @thismorning put decking in their forest?? Why aren’t they standing on the forest floor? It’s not exactly promoting forests are good for your health! #ThisMorning.”

Echoing this concern, Jodi added: “I hope they haven’t cut down any of the trees to make the furniture in the This Morning Forest #ThisMorning.”

“#ThisMorning They haven’t got a clue! How many lorries and cars did it take to get them all there, the trampling all over the flora and fauna to set up this set, not to mention disturbing the wildlife and the habitats,” Tina shared.

More to follow….

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