Doctor 'lives in pain and fear' after jealous ex attacks her with acid after breakup

Milad Rouf, 25, disguised himself in a fat suit when he threw sulphuric acid over his ex-girlfriend in Brighton. Dr Rym Alaoui sustained life-altering injuries after her former boyfriend and colleague attacked her on her doorstep in May.

Lewes Crown Court heard that the victim is unable to close her eyes, has lost sight in her right eye and also cannot move her neck.

Her Honour Judge Christine Laing QC sent Rouf to prison for an extended 15 year sentence after saying he was a danger to women.

The judge stated that Rouf knew better than most the effect sulphuric acid would have on the body.

“You thought about what you wanted to do and how you were going to do it and planned it over weeks before carrying it out,” Judge Laing said.

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Judge Laing described the attack as simple jealousy and anger after being rejected.

In the statement, Dr Alaoui wrote: “Since the day I was subject to this horrific attack, my life has changed.

“I live in pain and fear of my future wellbeing and financial hardship.

“I have had five surgeries.

“I’m still trying to come to terms with more procedures and operations.

“I am unable to attend work or live my life. I have been robbed of years of my career and young adult life.

“The psychological effect had been colossal on me, my family and loved ones.”

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