Doctor Who's Christopher Eccleston thought he was going to die amid mental health episode

Doctor Who’s Christopher Eccleston, 57, recently opened up about suffering “severe clinical depression”, where he admitted he “nearly lost everything”. The iconic star, who played the ninth Doctor in the popular sci-fi series, gave a very candid and brave interview about his personal experience, where he also revealed there was one night he thought he might die.

Speaking to Big Issue Magazine, Eccleston recalled reaching his lowest point.

The actor, who is an ambassador for the publication, said: “I think the received idea about people who sell The Big Issue is that they’ve never had a ‘successful life’.

“But I discovered that when I had a severe clinical depression and I was hospitalised… I nearly lost everything.”

He continued: “There was one night I thought I was going to die.

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He continued: “I found out afterwards that I’d been in fight or flight for a couple of years and could no longer fight or fly, my brain chemistry was telling me I was about to die.”

But he reassured the interviewer that he wasn’t “necessarily going to take my own life”.

“I don’t know whether it would be called psychosis, I was just convinced that I was about to die all night,” he explained.

“But when 7am came, I would go to work and there would be Maurice’s costume.

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