Donald Trump ‘taken aback' after learning Brexit could alter his Scottish golf courses

Written by a former presidential advisor on Russia, “There Is Nothing For You Here: Finding Opportunity in the 21st Century” is a new tell-all book on the Trump presidency and the journey of a British coalminer’s daughter from the Durham region to the White House. Fiona Hill, a British-American citizen, writes that Donald Trump always thought about the impact of major political events on his own life first.

In the book, she says that after Trump publicly expressed support for Brexit in 2016, when “a European leader suggested to him that Brexit could lead to Scottish independence and the breakup of the UK.”

“President Trump was taken aback,” according to Ms Hill.

“He immediately thought about the implications for his golf courses [in Scotland] — how could you have the British Open if there was no more Great Britain?

“What a disaster.”

The former US President owns around 17 different golf courses across the world including two in Scotland (Aberdeen and Turnberry) and one in Ireland (Doonbeg) via his Trump Golf organisation.

His worries regarding the golf courses did not prevent Mr Trump from giving advice on how to negotiate Brexit to Prime Minister Theresa May back in 2018.

Asked by the BBC’s Andrew Marr what Trump had advised her to do, May replied: “He told me I should sue the EU — not go into negotiations.”

In an interview with US TV network CBS, Trump added: “It was strong advice. And I think it probably would have worked.”

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“He doesn’t know any history at all.”

Ms Hill is not remembered as a Trump supporter and previously worked for the Obama administration.

She also took part in the 2017 Women’s March that followed Trump’s inauguration.

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