'Don't want to be a victim' Richard Hammond opens up on how crashes have changed filming

The Grand Tour will be returning very soon as Richard Hammond reunites with his co-stars James May and Jeremy Clarkson. In an exclusive chat with Express.co.uk, the presenter opened up about what to expect as well as his unluckiness with crashes while filming.

The latest episode of the hit series will be back on screens very soon as the team focuses on French cars.

Called The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois, the show will be broadcast once again on Amazon Prime Video.

Ahead of it airing, Richard spoke to Express.co.uk about his approach to filming, especially after he’s had some back experiences behind the wheel in the past.

As fans of Richard’s will know, the star has had some nasty crashes over his filming career.

Back in 2006, he was injured while filming Top Gear in a jet-powered car.

The incident left him in hospital for five weeks while he recovered.

Then in 2017, while filming The Grand Tour, Richard crashed a Rimac Concept One which led him to have surgery.

Speaking about how his history of crashes affected him while filming, Richard admitted he doesn’t want to “be the victim”.

“And as part of carrying on it’s still a job that I love and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have it.”

Richard then added: “But we do take risks carefully.

“We’re not going, ‘oh let’s just hope’.

“We have learned as a production, more than most TV productions learn, how just because you’re doing it doesn’t mean you’re in a magic protective bubble.

“Things can and still do go wrong and you’ve got to be ready for when they do.”

“And they always go wrong to me!”

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