E10 fuel issues continue as drivers see seven percent drop in efficiency – 'please scrap'

When E10 fuel was introduced as the new standard grade of petrol, the Government acknowledged that there could be a reduction in fuel efficiency. It said using E10 petrol can marginally impact fuel economy – generally around one percent.

“Performance and fuel economy is cr*p with E10 so please scrap it. 

“We do alot for environment.more than others so let’s keep E5.” (sic)

A second driver, Pete Moring, said: “Why is nobody realising that motorists are being systematically fined, financially broken, harassed and endangered off of the roads?

“All in the name of control and servitude.

Other drivers have questioned the reliability of the fuel, as well as the issues with rising petrol prices.

An Express.co.uk reader, billy9660, questioned: “Why do people even consider E10?

“It has been proven more expensive than E5 per tank as you get less mpg with E10.

“So now with other problems and it’s not so environmentally good as it was first claimed.”

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