Eamonn Holmes left 'really scared' over health as he spends Christmas without wife Ruth

Organising big family events such as Christmas can also be difficult, with both spouses wanting to see their mums, which has resulted in the couple spending Christmas away from each other this year.

The star went on to share that Ruth gets “very irritated” with him for claiming their house in Surrey isn’t “home” for him.

When asked where home is, Eamonn admitted: “Well, it’s not Surrey. When people ask me what I’m doing at the weekend, I tell them I’m going home, then my wife gets very irritated by this. She says, ‘This is your home.’

“And I say, ‘No Ruth, this is where I work, this is where I have to be, but home…'”

Eamonn added that for him, “home” is what forms “who you are” – and Belfast “brings his soul alive” when he flies back in.

Eamonn finally admitted that he only remains in England due to work commitments, saying: “If that work was in Northern Ireland, then I’d be in Northern Ireland.”

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