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‘Easiest way’ to properly clean ‘greasy’ oven racks to achieve ‘shiny’ results

Life & Style‘Easiest way’ to properly clean ‘greasy’ oven racks to achieve ‘shiny’ results

Most homeowners are aware that one of the most dreadful household chores is cleaning your oven. This is especially true when oven racks are covered with sticky grime, baked on grease and burned bits of food. Even those who use their oven sparingly will still have an accumulation of residue after a few months and even weeks. But putting off cleaning the oven will only delay the inevitable, and make the job much tougher when it comes time to do it.

Learning how to clean an oven is all about saving yourself as much time and effort as possible. 

There are many different ways to clean oven racks, but fundamentally all the different methods boil down to one main method.

Jeremy Tompson, the Strategic Cleaning Advisor at Youthful Home explained that soaking ovens racks in a bathtub is the “easiest way” to clean them thoroughly.

He said: “Cleaning oven racks will either involve a lot of elbow grease or soaking followed by rinsing.

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Cleaning oven racks in the bathtub is more time-consuming than just taking them out and scrubbing them, but it definitely requires less effort, since the cleaning agents will just dissolve the grease over time.

Jeremy’s favourite cleaning agents for oven racks are baking soda or washing up liquid.

Those opting to use baking soda, the expert advised “you can use it by itself or apply the baking soda and then spray it with vinegar”.

He added: “These methods are not only easy, they will leave your oven racks clean and shiny. 

“You’ll keep them that way if you clean the racks and your oven twice a year.”

To clean oven racks with baking soda and white vinegar in the bathtub, Jeremy recommends “putting a towel down first to prevent scratching the tub”.

He continued: “Put the oven racks on top of it, then sprinkle them with baking soda. 

“Pour on white vinegar, and watch the combo foam. 

“When the foaming stops, add hot water to the tub until the racks are fully covered and leave them to soak overnight.

“In the morning you can use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe off any grease and grot.”

For the stubborn areas left behind, Britons can use a toothbrush to work around all the bars of the rack.

This bathtub method can also be used to clean oven racks using dish soap.

Make sure the racks are cool before you start, then soak them in a lukewarm dish soap solution.

Use a scouring pad to work off any grease or debris, but make sure it’s a non-abrasive version. Rinse, then dry them using a soft cloth. 

Once they’re dry, they can put the racks back. If they aren’t sliding as easily as they should, just put a little cooking oil on wax paper and rub the side rails so they’ll move smoothly again.

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