EastEnders double exit as Tiffany Butcher and Keegan Baker reunite before leaving Square?

Tiffany (played by Maisie Smith) was heartbroken when she found out her husband Keegan (Zack Morris) had cheated on her with Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero). The EastEnders couple broke up, and Keegan recently got a telling off from Tiffany’s brother Liam Butcher, (Alfie Duggan) who has returned to the Square. But official spoilers from the BBC soap have indicated that the two could soon be leaving – will they exit together and give their marriage another try?

In upcoming episodes, Tiffany vents to Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) and her sister Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) after Keegan freezes their joint bank account.

The business owner begs his ex not to take half of his stall.

He later talks to his mum Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) and sister Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris) about his plans to leave.

He reveals he has made arrangements to leave Walford.

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Keegan joins and reveals he has spoken to Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) who said he could stay with him for a while.

Keegan explains to his family how he feels he needs to get out of Walford.

He comes to question his decision later though, as Bernie asks if he should be leaving if he’s so worried for Tiffany.

The two had been civil with each other for a while and seemed like they may be able to be friends, but they since had another falling out.

Devastated by his failed marriage, Keegan may feel like he needs to get away from Tiffany.

If so, it now looks likely that Tiffany could be leaving with Keegan for a fresh start together.

It’s plausible, following the conversation with Bernie, that Keegan might propose an idea to Tiffany.

He could ask her to leave with him and launch his business elsewhere together, away from Dotty and from Walford.

Although she’s still angry with him, she did seem like she wanted to put the past behind her and become friends with Keegan again.

With her own career ambitions not going according to plan, the idea of getting away to start again will probably appeal to Tiffany.

The two shared a promising conversation on Friday’s episode, with Tiffany asking how pregnant Bernie is doing.

“She’s good,” Keegan answered, adding: “She misses you not coming to the flat anymore though.”

Tiffany replied: “Yeah, well” before Keegan asked if they could still be friends.

“It would make everything a bit easier,” he added. Tiffany agreed, saying she’d like to be friends.

As she walked away looking pleased, it seemed as though she was hoping to get Keegan back in her life.

Viewers will recall he later spoke to his dad Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths), who was talking to him about Tiffany.

Keegan told him: “You know what, I’m not about to let my marriage go down the pan without a fight.”

With Keegan determined to win Tiffany back, and the latter seeming like she wants to reunite, it’s likely the pair will decide to move on together.

Will Tiffany trust him enough to go?

EastEnders continues on Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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