Eco-retreat in Wales bans vaccinated visitors – ‘absolute lunacy’

Britons may be used to hear they need to be fully jabbed to travel, but one eco-retreat in Wales has turned the health requirement on its head. Banning vaccinated from her eco-retreat, owner Sharon Girardi believed the vaccine was “experimental” and that it triggered a range of health issues.

None of her claims, however, have been proven. 

This has not stopped Sharon from banning people from her eco-retreat in Powys, Wales.

The resort is described as “a stunning and secluded 75 acres Conservation and Permaculture Site at the head of the breathtaking Artists Valley.”

On the website, Sharon said she had been inundated with well-wishes.


She wrote: “Following the recent media coverage, we are inundated with well wishes and booking enquiries. Thank You to the hundreds of people who have already sent messages of support, encouragement and gratitude! There are great many of us it would seem.” (sic)

On social media, Britons have been less kind.

Stevie VanV wrote: “Thick as pig s***.”

Rob had a way around the problem: “Here’s an idea. If you’re vaccinated just don’t tell her.”

User Puns N Roses wrote: “Blaeneinion: come for the eco-retreat, stay because you’re hospitalised on a ventilator.”

Siôn ap Ieuan said: “Saddened to see this, spent parts of my teenage life with this family who were always so welcoming. Like other ‘environmentalists’ that moved into the area they were alienated by parts of the local community, this will only further detach themselves from that community.”

Bertie Cole wrote: “Blaeneinion eco-retreat in Machynlleth, Powys! Avoid maybe?”

While Leigh could only say two words: “Absolute lunacy.”

Drummers’ Ark, meanwhile, said: “I will definitely avoid going to the Blaeneinion eco-retreat in Machynlleth, Powys.” 

Winifred Davies wrote: “I think they supply local shops with produce, but I shan’t be supporting them (Blaeneinion) by buying any, I’m afraid.”

Local Dr Annie Byniaeth said: “I suspect us local(ish) residents won’t be recommending many people to Blaeneinion.”

And Rona Franklin had an issue with the fact checking: “What about people vaccinated with the AZ vaccine – that doesn’t use the mRNA technology. Can’t even get their ‘mad’ ‘facts’ right! Unbelievable!”


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