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Edinburgh council criticised after PAINTING over potholes instead of filling them

NewsEdinburgh council criticised after PAINTING over potholes instead of filling them

Former Scottish international rugby player Norrie Rowan expressed his bemusement over the SNP/Labour-run Edinburgh council’s decision to paint over the road’s dangerous potholes on Stockbridge Street.

He shared a series of pictures on Twitter that highlighted some of the capital’s problems – overflowing bins and dirt on the ground.

Mr Rowan told the Scottish Daily Express: “It’s madness what we have come to, it’s unbelievable and people have come to accept these things, they’ve become the norm, it’s a disgrace.”

A recent Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Scottish Labour revealed it would cost £77,346,000 to get Scotland’s local roads up to scratch.

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Scottish Labour transport spokesperson Neil Bibby said: “Our pothole-ridden roads are a daily reminder of how badly the SNP have let down communities all around us.

“These astonishing figures lay bare the dire state of disrepair Scotland’s roads are in after years of neglect under the SNP.

“They have cut funding to the bone, leaving roads to crumble and taxpayers to pick up the bill.”

Mr Rowan, who is running in the upcoming election, vowed to clean up Edinburgh if elected on May 5, when people across 17 wards decide who will run the council for the next five years.

The last local election in 2017 returned the SNP as the largest party in the capital with 19 councillors. After they reached a coalition deal with Labour, who had 12 candidates elected, the two parties formed a minority administration.

Mr Rowan, who has been capped 13 times for Scotland, described the city as a “war zone” with overflowing bins and problematic anti-social behaviour.

Further telling the Express of the poor pothole fixture he found and pictured in Stockbridge, the 70-year-old said: “The problem with the council is it’s like the NHS, one part isn’t talking to another.

“I’m not saying the council workers aren’t hard-working, intelligent or they are stupid, one hand just doesn’t know what the other is doing.

“Someone has given them a plan and they have carried it out without question, they’ve spent a fortune today.”

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