End of the world warning as oxygen depletion threatens 'inevitable' planetary doomsday

Oxygen, which accounts for 21 percent of the breathable atmosphere, is a byproduct of plants and marine life that synthesise, CO2, water and sunlight.

With not enough CO2 in the system, experts fear the production of oxygen is going to drop.

Scientists have dubbed this scenario the Great Deoxygenation and the only lifeforms to survive it will be microbial and anaerobic (free of oxygen).

Kazumi Ozaki from Toho University in Japan warned: “The atmosphere after the Great Deoxygenation is characterized by an elevated methane, low-levels of CO2, and no ozone layer.

“The Earth system will probably be a world of anaerobic life forms.”

The good news is that this will not happen for at least another billion years.

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