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Energy bills: Homeowners urged to ‘move furniture’ in order to save hundreds on bills

This week is Big Energy Saving Week 2021, a campaign to help people cut their fuel costs. As more people spend time at home in lockdown, the average gas and electricity bill has risen by nearly 40 percent in the UK. Property expert Holly Herbert from and sofa and carpet specialists ScS have banded together their top tips to help Britons save money this winter.

Ms Herbert said: “It’s tempting to turn your lights on early in the evening and keep your curtains or blinds closed.

“However, particularly in the summer months, try keeping them open until sunset, as the natural light and heat can help save you around 60 percent on your bills, compared to constantly having your lights on.”

3. Don’t heat empty rooms

This sounds simple but if there is a room that’s not getting used, turn the radiators off.

This could save you up to £414 a year.

“The more space between furniture and radiators the better, but because heat rises, you can get away with smaller gaps if you don’t have much space in the room.”

5. Move furniture away from external walls

By doing this, you could save around £125 each year.

If your sofa is on an external wall, you will feel the cold more.

Putting your furniture against internal walls should keep you warmer and make you feel heat from throughout the house.

According to the experts, a corner sofa can make a room feel warmer because there will be less empty space for draughts to build.

Ms Herbert said: “This should allow you to have the heating on for shorter periods of time and reduce your bill by five to 10 percent.”

Amy Forster, Content Executive at ScS, said: “Lockdown has kept people indoors for longer so bills have risen over the last year.

“This means that cost-cutting measures are going to be really valuable as we head into 2021, particularly ones that are easy to implement, such as the five we have listed here.”

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