Escape To The Chateau’s Dick Strawbridge talks future plans as fan queries show return

Dick Strawbridge, 62, has responded to an American fan on Twitter after they asked if he had any “future plans” for a new HGTV show. The Escape To The Chateau star revealed all “new” episodes would be airing on streaming service Peacock in the United States going forward.

@Chiguy2500 typed: “ANY PLANS for a new HGTV show,” they added with fingers crossed emojis.

In response, Dick typed: “All new shows will be on Peacock with Season 7 starting October 1 I believe!!”

US fans expressed their delight over the news, as they anticipated the latest episodes of Escape To The Chateau hitting their screens.

@Smb_books commented: “Brilliant!!! Bring on Season 7!”

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They shared: “We have an orangery, with which we fell in love when we walked around the property waiting for the estate agent to arrive.”

Dick became determined the couple would restore the estate to its former glory and transform it into a booming business.

Angel who has a background in interior design, began to channel her passion for home decor into the property and brought her vision to life.

In the turret room, Angel had wanted to recycle the antique wallpaper she had found in the attic 

Cutting it into sections of different diamond shapes, Angel said about her idea: “I like diamonds, something a little more Alice in Wonderland about it, isn’t there?”

She added to the Daily Mirror: “Dick and I made the promise to one another to bring this place back to life and for me, I’m taking everything that I think is eye candy and bringing it back to life.

“Stuff that’s not attractive and very practical – he’s bringing that back to life and together I can feel a bit of a pulse beating. It needed to have something with a heart.”

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