EU summit LIVE: Play by OUR rules! Poland thrown under bus as bitter legal row boils over

The Polish Constitutional Court ruled on October 8 that its rules superseded EU law – a finding European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has branded “deeply concerning”. This is because EU case law rests on the principle that the bloc has supremacy over national laws. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo warned Poland: “If you want to have the advantages of being in a club… then you need to respect the rules – you can’t be a member of a club and say, ‘the rules don’t apply to me’.”

Friday marks the final day of the summit in which the 27 member states will discuss issues with Poland along with COVID-19, the energy crisis, climate change and migration.

Speaking at the EU summit on Thursday, Mr Morawiecki once again accused the EU of overreaching its legal mandate.

He said: “We will not act under pressure of blackmail. We are ready for dialogue.

“We do not agree with the constantly broadening range of competencies [of the EU] but we will of course talk about it, how to resolve the current dispute with understanding and dialogue.”


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