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'Eurozone or rublezone?' EU split over Russian energy ultimatum after Poland cut off

News'Eurozone or rublezone?' EU split over Russian energy ultimatum after Poland cut off

Supplies were cut off from Warsaw and Sofia after the two nations took a stand against calls to pay for gas in Russian rubles. The response came after Gazprom, a majority state-owned energy company, threatened to stop pumping gas to those who refused to fulfil Russia’s currency requirement.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who has confirmed paying for gas in rubles would violate Brussels’ sanctions, said the move was an “instrument of blackmail” and showed Russia’s “unreliability” as a supplier.

However, Hungary and Slovakia were both preparing to pay for Russian gas in euros while meeting Moscow’s demands.

Ex-European Council President Donald Tusk even took aim at many of the 27 members inside the Brussels bloc over its response to Moscow’s state-controlled energy blackmail.

Mr Tusk, who once said there was a “special place in hell” for those who promoted Brexit without a plan, said on Twitter: “I’ve heard that not only Hungary but also Austria and Germany are ready to pay for the Russian gas in rubles.

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Slovakia, Estonia, Poland and Germany are particularly dependent on Russian imports.

Russia provides around just five percent of the UK’s gas supply.

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