Euthanasia legal MAPPED: The 11 places where euthanasia is legal

Switzerland is a leading country in the argument for euthanasia globally – currently allowing physician-assisted suicide without a minimum age requirement, diagnosis or symptom state.

An estimated 1.5 percent of all deaths in Switzerland are a result of assisted suicide.

Euthanasia is not legal in the country, but it has become renowned for its connection to the cause.

In 2018, 221 people travelled to the Swiss clinic Dignitas for assisted suicide – 24 of which came from the UK.

According to the Campaign for Dignity in Dying, a British person travels to Dignitas for help to die every eight days.

In Belgium, euthanasia and assisted suicide has no age restriction but is only available for those with a terminal illness that meets its criteria.

If a patient is not terminally ill, there is a one-month waiting period before euthanasia can be performed.

Assisted suicide and euthanasia are both legal in Luxembourg for adults, but is only for patients with an incurable condition with constant, intolerable mental or physical suffering and no prospect of improvement.

In March this year, the law on assisted dying was expanded in Canada meaning adults with serious or incurable disease, illness or disability, who are in advanced stages of decline and are suffering can seek medically assisted death.

Previously, the country had only permitted euthanasia and assisted suicide for adults suffering from “grievous and irremediable conditions” whose death is “reasonably foreseeable”.

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