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'Everyone is still uncertain' 8,000 UK Army troops being used to 'buffer' Scandi-NATO plan

World'Everyone is still uncertain' 8,000 UK Army troops being used to 'buffer' Scandi-NATO plan

Following UK decision to send 8000 British soldiers to easter Europe on expanded exercises, security expert Will Geddes comments on the decision and said: “[sending troops] is quite a step up” and stands to indicate that “everybody is still uncertain” about what could come next. “[Sending troops] also shows a certain position of robustness” both from NATO and Europe as to tell Putin that “crossing the European border is not advised”, commented Mr Geddes.

Speaking with Mr Geddes, GB News host Stephen Dixon asked: “What are we to make of this deployment of 8,000 British troops? There are a lot of boys and girls heading out there?”

Mr Geddes responded: “We are looking at around 8,000 of new members of the Joint Expeditionary Force.

“There has been always a forward presence with British forces operating in the area.

“But this is quite a step up.

“I think this is only indicative of the fact that everybody is still very uncertain.

“Whilst some of the Scandic-Norwegian and Finnish countries are considering joining NATO.

“This is a bit of a buffer.

“It is also showing a certain position of robustness as well, from NATO and particularly from Europe.

“This is to say to Putin, who is very uncertain at the moment as to what his next step might be, that crossing the border into those particularly areas, particularly Finland, would not be advised.

During the interview, GB News host Anne Diamond also asked “What is [Putin’s] reaction likely to be?

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“So maybe he diverts his attentions elsewhere.

“Belarus is obviously showing huge support as it has done since the beginning.

“Hungary has as well.”

Referring to British troops deployment, he concluded: “So at the moment it is all very uncertain, which is why Joint Expeditionary Force needs to be beefed up”.

Besides the deployment of 8,000 soldiers, British army has announced that dozens of tanks will be sent to countries ranging from Finland and North Macedonia in joint action with NATO and Joint Expeditionary Force.

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