‘Excellent rates!’ Farm offers £62k salary for cabbage pickers amid staff shortages

T H Clements and Son Ltd have published an advert online for ‘all year round work’ and offering to pay a worker up to £30-an-hour. The physical labour job would work out to be £62,400 a year.

T H Clements and Son in Boston, Lincolnshire, posted two adverts one looking for cabbage pickers and another for harvesting broccoli.

One advert read: “We are looking for Field Operatives to harvest our Cabbages.”

“Excellent piecework rates with potential to earn up to £30 per hour and all year round work available.”

The salary is dependent on ‘piecework’ meaning workers get a higher salary depending on how many vegetables they pick, making it unlikely someone could earn the highest amount on a regular basis.

The unusually large salary represents the crisis in recruiting staff in the fruit and veg picking industry.

According to Government sources a seasonal agricultural workers scheme could be given an extension to include meat processing plants.

The scheme currently allows 30,000 people to travel to the UK for six months to work in agriculture.

Other sectors are also facing staff shortages.

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Grant Shapps Transport Secretary said the move would “ensure preparations remain on track” for the Christmas season.

Indeed, the job site have said number of recruiters boosting their salaries to help tackle staff shortages has increased by 75 percent.

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