Face-to-face GP visits clash erupts 'We don't want them ringing up about minor stuff'

GB News Mark Dolan has quizzed Dr David Lloyd over the lack of face-to-face GP services, saying GPs “literally chained up the entrances”. It comes as just six in 10 GP appointments in August in England took place face-to-face, despite Covid curbs being lifted. The public have demanded more in-person visits to resume, with physicians warning about the risks of missing out on crucial symptoms when conducting visits on the phone.

The GB News presenter said: “It’s understandable that the public is angry because the perception David, is that GPs closed their doors to the British people for a year and a half. 

Dr David Lloyd said: “Well they didn’t.”

The host interjected: “Well, they literally did, didn’t they? They actually chained up the entrances to GP surgeries.”

The doctor said: “Because we needed to keep COVID out, and because we found that there were better ways of doing things.

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“But now things are opened up again, and all us doctors and nurses are all double vaccinated; now I’m triple vaccinated. 

“So we are now much safer than we were so that we can start seeing patients face to face.”

The host said: “This decision to make GP surgeries COVID secure effectively meant closing GP surgeries.

“We have undiagnosed illnesses, many far more serious than COVID-19, especially cancer.

“And, you know people that didn’t even bother going to the GP if they had symptoms and this is a far bigger problem than COVID ever will be. 

Dr Lloyd then said: “I agree.

“There are millions of patients that are waiting to have a diagnosis made.

“There are millions of patients on the cancer waiting list already.


“We do want patients to come forward we want patients to come forward, knowledgeable about their symptoms.

“We don’t want them reading up about, you know, minor stuff, because I think that there is a lot of that in general practice.

New figures show fewer than 60% of GP appointments in England were conducted face-to-face last month.

Practice staff and GPs are quitting after an escalating wave of abuse from patients, which has followed weeks of public pressure over face-to-face appointments.

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