Facebook adds 10,000 jobs to create virtual worlds penned as ‘vote of confidence’ for EU

People will be hired in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. Facebook has said the move is a “vote of confidence” in the European tech sector. Despite the firm’s run-ins with regulators, Facebook even touted the EU’s “leading” policies on issues like freedom of speech, privacy and transparency.

The social media company already has a Reality Labs office in Cork, Ireland.

Facebook has also opened an Al research lab in France.

In 2019, Facebook partnered with the Technical University of Munich to create an Al ethics research center.

In 2017 Facebook opened a new office in London, bringing in 800 jobs to the capital.

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Mark Zuckerberg started the social media site in 2004.

Facebook allows users to keep in touch with friends and share photographs.

The company is based in California, America.

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