Fear the Walking Dead season 7 release time: What time is the new season out?

This isn’t the first time Fear the Walking Dead has had to reinvent itself, with season four similarly serving as a springboard for new events, characters, and locations.

Back in 2018, Chambliss told The Hollywood Reporter that “this show constantly reinvents itself”.

Chambliss added: “We’ve seen the location move from Los Angeles in season one, to getting on a boat in season two and then being in Mexico, and then living on a survivalist ranch on the border in season three.

“We see ourselves continuing that tradition and carrying the show forward to the next step.”

Now Fear the Walking Dead has gone full fallout, the future of the show is a blank canvas again.

Fear the Walking Dead season seven will premiere on Sunday, October 17, at 9pm on AMC in the USA. The UK release is simultaneous Monday, October 18, at 2am on AMC.

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