‘Fleming would turn in his grave!’ Bond girl slams idea of hiring woman as James Bond

Later this month, the new James Bond movie, No Time To Die will hit cinemas, concluding the story of Daniel Craig as his iconic character. After the actor steps down a new face will be claiming the role, prompting much speculation about whether the next star ought to be a woman. However, during a discussion on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain, ITV hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley spoke with former Bond girl, Valerie Leon and actress Didi Conn about the controversial topic.

While Didi said there is no reason why the next Bond shouldn’t be a woman, Valerie completely disagreed and said James Bond writer, Ian Fleming “would be turning in his grave”.

She went on to add: “I just think it’s crazy, Ian Fleming gave us James Bond and that is how it should stay.”

More to follow…

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