Fly-tipping SHAME! Two of UK's worst offenders caught on camera dumping mounds of rubbish

The fly-tippers have regularly been known to dump their rubbish in areas across the country. But once again, Bradley Lynn, 23, and Connor Williams, 28, were up to their usual tricks.

The pair were caught on CCTV dumping the rubbish in the neighbourhood.

Specifically, the pair were caught on camera carrying stacks of waste to dump at deserted roadsides.

The CCTV also caught the pair travelling in an untaxed and unregistered tipper van.

Environment chiefs have now launched an investigation into the fly-tippers.

The investigation has been launched after the pair used fake number plates to carry out their tipping.

These new incidents of fly-tipping comes after new statistics were released about fly-tipping during and after lockdown.

According to Watch Systems, there has been a 300 percent rise in fly-tipping in England since the lockdown began in 2020.

This 300 percent rise takes the total to an all-time high for fly-tipping.

With this, Watch Systems estimates that fly-tipping in England and Wales is costing landlords £50million and £150million per annum, respectively.

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“Since fly-tipping can happen very quickly and often out of sight, a well-engineered IP CCTV system can catch fly-tippers in the act and eradicate the issue for good.

“Our system is connected to a 24/7 remote monitoring centre, which allows our trained staff to capture, identify and deploy both a security team and Police within minutes of an offence.”

According to the BBC, tens of thousands of waste is dumped across Wales, leading to a cost of millions of pounds.

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