‘Forthcoming and generous!’ Earthshot winner praises William after meeting at COP26

The royal allowed green entrepreneurs, including Sam Teicher, to share ideas with the Prime Ministers of Australia and of the Bahamas. Sam Teicher and his colleague Gator Halpern run the Bahamas-based company Coral Vita, which has found new ways to grow coral to put it back into the ocean to aid in rebuilding one of nature’s natural sea defenses.

Their work won the Revive Our Ocean category, winning them $1.3 million (£957,794) from Earthshot to scale up their work in the next ten years.

Teicher told PEOPLE magazine: “It wasn’t just a case of ‘please meet these people and do your own thing,’ he was hauling them over to come talk to us and making sure they were there to help us.”

Teicher said: “He was incredibly direct and forthcoming and generous. His ability to cut through traditional protocol and just be very direct so solutions that are desperately needed can be implemented right away — or at least much more rapidly — is pretty incredible.”

Teicher told PEOPLE the Duchess of Cambridge, 39, was “incredibly generous, she was inquisitive and curious and William was going back and forth with her and us and she was really incredibly kind and interested in all the work we’re doing.”

Prince William’s Earthshot prize is an award given annually from 2021 to 2030, for five winners each year whose work has helped the environment.

The inaugural awards were attended by celebrities with the likes of Dame Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, Ed Sheeran and Coldplay.

Presenting the winning award in the ‘protect and restore nature’ category to the government of Costa Rica, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, said: “Nature is vital to us all.

“A thriving natural world regulates our planet, nurtures our physical and mental health and helps feed our families.

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“Every aspect of the Prize bears the stamp of his contribution.”

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