France ready to drag UK to EU Council over Brexit as all deals with Paris under threat

French Prime Minister Jean Castex slammed the UK as threatening “bi-lateral relations” over the licences as they don’t give the French enough passes to fish in British territorial waters.

He slammed: “Great Britain does not respect its own signature!

“I say this solemnly in front of you: we will question all of the agreements reached under the supervision of the European Union.

“And also, if needs be, we will question bi-lateral collaborations that we have with the United Kingdom over multiple domains!”

Such collaborations at threat could include trade, borders, energy, and security.

The comments sparked furious applause amongst French lawmakers still enraged about France’s snubbing from the Aukus pact.

The pact saw the UK, USA, and Australia scheme against France to form their own nuclear submarine agreement.

It comes as Paris is furious with London for not granting what they argue is the full number of licences to French fishing boats to fish in British territorial waters.

Britain has denied that it has not been playing fairly.

More to follow…

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