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French election LIVE: Macron 'breaches rules' as President 'campaigning' on polling day

WorldFrench election LIVE: Macron 'breaches rules' as President 'campaigning' on polling day

Emmanuel Macron has been accused of “campaigning” on polling day, in breach of electoral laws.

Sky Correspondent Adam Parsons painted a vivid picture of the President’s approach to the polling booth, noting: “He walked along the road greeting people, hugging them, kissing babies. He kissed a bald man on the head!

“He had photos taken he was waving to the crowd.

“And when he arrived at the polling station it was effectively a great big photo opportunity.”

This, he added, raises major questions over his conduct on the day he hopes will seal his re-election.

Mr Parsons said: “To me, and I am no lawyer, this would seem to be a breach of the rules against campaigning because this was an event.

“The rules are quite specific. You are not supposed to talk to people.

“You are not supposed to do anything that can be construed as campaigning.

“But what you are seeing here is a man that is doing another one of these walkabouts.

“You wonder whether there will be any repercussions.”

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