French journalist blasts British blame game on BBC Breakfast 'We are shielding you!'

A French journalist hit out at Boris Johnson and Priti Patel for their handling of the ongoing diplomatic spat between France and the UK. The Prime Minister and French President Emmanuel Macron clashed earlier this week over how to deal with people attempting to cross the Channel. This comes after 27 people tragically lost their lives on Wednesday.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Agnes Poirer said that the British needed to “get serious” and stop blaming the French.

Ms Poirer said: “I do hope that the conversations will continue, and perhaps be done discreetly and not by Twitter.

“That is why Priti Patel was disinvited. Macron said it seven times I think in his speech, he wants to have a serious conversation.

“It has nothing to do with Brexit. The Calais migrant crisis has been with us for 30 years.”

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She continued: “The game going on in Britain, blaming the French is not going to resolve anything, especially when it is France shielding the British border and quite successfully on the whole.

“Let’s hope that today’s meeting is fruitful. The talks have to be done without the glare of the tabloid media and Twitter.

“We are used to seeing diplomacy by Twitter by Donald Trump, not the British PM. The French police are shielding British borders.

“These people are offered to have their asylum applications processed in France, but they have good reasons to want to travel to the UK, or else they wouldn’t risk their lives.

However, despite Ms Patel being disinvited from today’s summit, some Home Office officials travelled to France for talks on Friday with French counterparts as planned.

One Home Office minister Damian Hinds played down the row, saying it was time to “draw up new creative solutions”.

Mr Hinds defended the prime minister’s letter to the French leader as “exceptionally supportive and collaborative”.

He tried to calm French fears, insisting that the proposal of UK-French patrols on French beaches was not intended to “breach sovereignty”.

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