French police shoot 'lethal' rubber bullets at migrants attempting to cross the Channel

Following the incident, an investigation has been launched by French national police authorities to understand why this occurred. The shooting of the migrants with the rubber bullets is the first known case of gun tactics being used to halt a migrant boat launch.

The use of the gun tactics has shown how gendarmerie night patrols have been struggling to control the number of migrants boats which have been entering Britain.

As eight Iranian Kurds moved towards the sea, the police fired at the migrants who were carrying the dinghy which was set to bring 40 migrants across the Channel.

Of the eight Iranian Kurds, two were taken to hospital – with one having a fractured leg and one with a broken hand.

According to the group, they claim that the police laughed at the injured men as they fell to the ground following the attack.

Juanro Rasuli, 24, who was one of the men that were shot with the bullets, remained in Dunkirk overnight after having his fractured leg bandaged.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has threatened to withhold £54million in payments by Britain to France if they fail to contain the number of migrants boats coming into Britain.

In this year alone, it is estimated that more than 17,000 migrants have successfully made the journey across the Channel and into the UK.

Speaking at a coffee bar in a migrant camp in Dunkirk, an Iranian Kurd who witnessed the shooting spoke of what he saw on the night.

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“I can’t remember how many times they fired the rubber bullets.

“When the police saw us, they shouted stop, We stopped and they still shot us.

“Then we ran away as best we could.”

In a video of the shooting, Mr Rasuli is lying on the ground with his leg bleeding.

Another man can be seen showing his injured hand to the camera, with a voice saying: “You can see the police laughing at us.

Rubber bullets have been notoriously dangerous, with them being banned for use in Britain until 2001.

The bullets were actually invented by the Ministry of Defence, who had invented them for security purposes during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The bullets are said to have killed 17 people during this era.

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