Furious French MEP hangs up during on-air interview amid bitter EU fisheries row – WATCH

French MEP Pierre Karleskind has left an interview with James Whales on TalkRADIO in a huff after a frosty row overfishing and the EU. The MEP clashed repeatedly with the TalkRADIO host, correcting Mr Whale on how to pronounce his surname and taking offense at the EU Parliament being branded a dictatorship. After Mr Whale embarked on an epic rant at the EU and France, Mr Karleskind opted to leave the interview without a response.

Mr Whale told the Frenchman: “You are being too Parisian so just shush a minute.

“Listen to what I am going to ask you.

“If you a really promote yourself like you are at the moment then the millions watching this are going to think oh those French flippers.

“You know we are really going to have to take account of this because are not showing yourself in a good light.

“I am just here to tell you that we are not going to have you fishing in our waters anymore,” continued the host.

“We are not going to have you turning the electricity off to the Channel Islands that is part of the United Kingdom.

“We are not going to have you stealing our vaccines, now if the French Government and the politicians in France don’t stop peddling the lies of the European dictatorship, and don’t think they are cleverer than us, then we are going to fall out.

“And I would hate for us near neighbors to fallout.

He concluded: “You are not a very democratic organization and that is why we left.”

After a delay, Karleskind asked: “Are you done?

The French MEP then decided to hang up on the TalkRADIO presenters.

He said sarcastically”Thank you, good night” before quitting the call.

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