Furious Polish lorry driver lets rip at 'insolent' Boris and tells him to SHOVE new visa

Boris Johnson’s plan to reverse a chronic shortage of lorry drivers in the UK by adding European workers onto a new skilled worker visa has been branded “insolent” by one Polish driver. Tomasz Orynski has branded Britain’s job markets as “unattractive” for European HGV licence holders and told BBC Radio 5 Live all of his fellow drivers from Poland had already left the UK for jobs in the EU.

Mr Orynski, who is based in Glasgow told BBC 5Live: “The British job market is no longer as attractive.”

He continued: “Of my Polish friends who are driving lorries in Britain, I am the last one who is still here.

“To think that migrants are like a tap which you can open and close when needed is just insolence.”

Mr Orynski added: “Why would I come to England and piss in a bottle on the M25 when I have a stable job in Poland.”


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