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Furious row erupts as couple say neighbour's huge 50ft trees mean they can't watch Sky TV

NewsFurious row erupts as couple say neighbour's huge 50ft trees mean they can't watch Sky TV

Nick and Julie Mellor live in Fochabers village in Moray, Scotland, and their house looks at a 150ft long row of eight, nearly 50ft tall, western red cedar trees. The trees belong to their neighbour Pamela Munro, and, according to the frustrated couple, prevent the signal from Sky TV to reach their receptors. Furthermore, the couple is furious with the trees since they cut the sunlight, keeping their home in the shadow.

The Mellors were also worried that the trees could be deemed murderous if one of them were toppled by the high winds, the Scottish Sun reported.

After complaining to their landlord, Sarah Johnson, the latter woman went to Moray Council and demanded that the trees be trimmed, in accordance with high hedge legislation.

Another neighbour, Diane Hendry, also complained about the trees, saying they were pushing up through her lawn.

She explained that she has to keep the lights on almost all of the autumn and winter due to a lack of sunlight.

Following Ms Johnson’s complaints, Moray Council ruled the trees should be trimmed to 21ft and then maintained at a height no greater than 23ft.

Ms Munro however, appealed the move to the Scottish Government, who have now upheld the council decision.

Ms Munro was granted an extra month to what the council said, to reduce the height of her trees.

She was told to have them trimmed by October 31 this year.

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However, equally frustrated, Ms Munro claimed that the trees did not disrupt her neighbours.

Moreover, she insisted they were home to a ‘flourishing community of wildlife’ including red squirrels and bats.

In a letter, she said: “These are mature trees which have been at full height on the property for decades and are spaced approximately three metres apart.

“Even with the trees trimmed to a height of two metres, there would still be an obstruction of light due to mature trees which sit beyond my boundary.”

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